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One day there were 3 teenagers named Luna, Raven and Liam. When they graduated, they decided to be adventurous. Raven and Luna left for Egypt and Liam went to Afghanistan. Luna teleported Raven and herself to Egypt and Liam created a portal which took him to Afghanistan. When he got there, he said he will do dangerous adventures while the girls were doing safe adventures. Luna and Raven went to see the Sphinx while Liam was wrestling tigers and crocodiles after that everyone one went back to their homes and had a great adventure. for dinner they were telling their parents about the adventures the   parents were very surprised and happy to hear about the adventures they had. after dinner they all went to bed and lived happily ever after. 


The adventure. one day there were four children named Raven Luna and Liam they were still in primary school they lived with their parents called Miss azure and Mr. Azure they were husband and wife one day after school they went home on the bus on the way home they were 4 boys who were wearing caps  and masks they were also in the bus. while they were in the bus, the boys were asking each other about the name, address, parents, and phone number When they got home they went to have a nap and their parents also had a nap When they woke up they heard a big knock on their door they opened their door and saw that they were the 4 boys that the kids saw in the bus they had guns knifes and they were wearing durags but there was one thing the 4 kids had a secret identity and they quickly turned into superheros and were fighting them Liam was kicking the first boy in the face while Luna and Raven were fighting the rest of the boys. The kids stole they weapons and used the weapons to kill the 4 boys and the boys got taken to jail for that and the police man gave the 4 kids $5000 for fighting those boys and they shared the money with their parents and friends and everyone lived happily ever after the end.


Written by Lewis     

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